I have worked with design furniture since the sunny summer of 2002, in the small village of Javea on the peninsula of the Spanish coastline. Recent years, I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of strong brands in the Norwegian furniture industry. My career consists of sales, marketing, branding and communication, all with a mission to convey the value of good design.

Arts Management from the Norwegian School of Business BI founded the theoretical insight of both economic and artistic trade value. As a professional marketeer I know the importance of a steady flow of income through sales, synergies that can minimize costs and keep developing products that create actual value, both for the customer and for the manufacturers.

My perspective is from the axis of creative processes like product development and design, and the some times rigid forces of economy. 

The company Noes is the culmination of years of experience, and ambitions to shake it up a little, in the heart of the market, communicating quality brands and products, by design. 

Instead of pushing products, Noes work strategically to build brand awareness and establish and nurture relationships to key stakeholders in the industry. 

"I grew up in the woods, in a house built from pine, on the wild west coast of Norway. I am passionate about food, life, nature, design and photography." 

Best regards - Maria


Maria Hole

Founder, marketeer, design communicator.

T: 906 94 110


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