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Designers Saturday 2015

Hop on a bus, enter a showroom, have a drink and be inspired in Oslo! 

Every second year, Oslo open it's showrooms for a proper design walk through some of the most present brands on the Norwegian contract market. The rest of the industry, -the designers, the professional purchasers, the dealers and the interior architects among others, hop on any free bus driving continuously between 10 stops and 28 showrooms.

The event is called Designers Saturday (Oslo) and from early morning throughout the city, to late night DS party and award ceremony with all your friends from across the design and furniture industry, come Monday, it's suddenly somewhat a relief that it will be two years till next time. Thank you for the nourishment, DS - for the tummy and the throat, for the eyes and the ears, and all the other social and creative muscles in the body. See you in 2017! 

Although the different venues present a wide spectre of concepts and styles targeted to the Norwegian contract market, the summary of the exhibitions would be that natural elements like wood, stone and wool have a strong presence along with organic shapes, contrasted materials, soft color palettes and a strong sense of history behind the products. Click on the gallery below to see a selection from the route.