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Hot design to cold climates!

The wall was painted in the color "tåkedis" from Jotun. A calm background for the selected products from sunny Spain.  

Noes reports from Interiør og Boligmessen

Noes was one of many exhibitors in the public trend & interior fair in Bergen last weekend, and what a reception we got! The goal of the curated exhibition was to introduce a selection of brands and products to the Norwegian audience, and to show that although there might be significant cultural differences, modern Spanish design has a lot of similarities to traditional and modern Scandinavian design culture. 

Situated right next to the entrance where people lined up to get their weekend passes, Noes had prime location in the renown building central in Bergen city. Almost 10 000 people visited the fair during the three days 16.-18. October and some even spent more than one day there! 

The different brands represented on the stand blended in and stood out at the same time. Noes is proud to be the official design ambassador of RED for Spanish design in Norway. 

The theme of the fair was "Handmade is the new black", and focused on traditional techniques and natural materials in modern interiors. 

Attention to details, traditional production methods and modern design combined with high quality materials is a common ground. In the cool, monochrome nordic homes, Spanish modern design can bring warmth in many ways. Textures, warm terracotta tones and slim shapes should have an easy adaptation process in the cold north. Here the seasons dramatically change and the houses are built to let in the light and keep out the cold - somewhat the opposite of the needs of a Spanish home. Still, the similarities are more than you might think. 

The beautiful handmade ceramic mugs with wooden handles from Matimañana were a big hit on the fair Interiør og Boligmessen. 

Soft handwoven textiles for the cold Norwegian winter. You need one, at least! 

All you need is light! The beautiful handmade lamps from Pott drew a lot of attention to the stand. 

The overall response from both industry and public, was overwhelmingly good. "A fresh look", "sleek, yet cozy", "something completely different from everywhere else" and "refreshing" were some of the feedback we got this weekend. Meeting the buyers in person, along with a well represented industry turned out to be a great way to introduce spanish design to the Norwegian audience. Although Noes does not distribute directly, but is purely working as an agent to represent the different brands, all of Spanish origin, the event still brought some valuable insight to what the market needs.

The puzzle pot system MaCeTa by Pott were a hit! It was changed several times a day during the three day fair, just to demonstrate the various constellations you can build with it. 

We presented hot, modern terracotta from Pott, sleek and sophisticated modular furniture from Treku that made people download the Aura Sketcher and start designing their own. Teixidors' beautiful handwoven plaids and ponchos were a "must touch" area at the stand while the rolling flowerpots Voltasol by Livingthings kept people posting to instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #noesdesign. The twig lamps "Nuus", the birdcage lamp "Pyo" and the cute "Kuuaks" (cement ducks) from Denoe went straight in to some stylish Bergen homes. While people kept touching and dreaming of "Sponge" lamps, "Eiffel" stools and ceramic mugs by Matimañana. The mirrors from Omelette -ed reflected the light and the atmosphere and the limited edition lamp and office objects by Obvious impressed the people on the west coast. 

Big thanks to the awesome crew behind the fair, and to all the amazing people that stopped by and made the stand come alive with interest for the stories, love for the products and all sorts of questions and enquiries. And not the least, friends and family that made it all possible through hours and hours of helping out! 

Check out the gallery for more pictures. Hot design to cold climates! 

I månens skygge

I lys av dagens solformørkelse gikk tankene til langt mer eksistensielle tema enn interiør og design, men evnene til assosiasjon gikk likevel fra univers og planeter til hvor behagelig det er for øyet med runde former i interiør. Kanskje er det kontrasten til moderne arkitekturs vinkler og harde minimalisme, kanskje er det simpelthen perfeksjonen og likevel det organiske med sirkulære objekter som er så tiltalende i moderne rom. 

Spanske Omelette -ed- har en liten, men stadig voksende kolleksjon med møbler og interiør. Alle produktene har også former som er høyst aktuelle på denne dagen, i månens skygge. 

Pendellampen Reeno kan gjerne få være solen min! Innsiden er gjennomtenkt og lyskilden skjules av en enkel diffusor.

Speilene "Mirror" finner du på Røst butikkene i Bergen og Oslo. Sammen med mye annet fint!

Solar eclipse! Bison table har korkfot og to forskjellige størrelser som gjør at de kan minne om to planeter som møtes. Fås også på Røst i Oslo og Bergen.

Reeno lampen kommer også i en varm rustoransje farge. Hot design to cold climates. Slike farger trenger vi!  

Følg og kontakt

Selv om skålen Mamut er noe mer organisk både i materialbruk og form, har den likevel den kjente signaturen til designtrioen La Mamba.

Parallels er navnet på veggklokken som er skåret i lag slik at etterhvert som tiden går og solen beveger seg på himmelen, vil skyggene på veggen endre seg i tillegg til viserne. Snakker om tredimensjonalt design!