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25 Birch-reichenwalds gate
Sagene, Oslo, 0483


NOES offers a wide range of marketing services to design editors and manufacturers in a global furniture industry. Our mission is to communicate the extended value of good design and to bring Spanish modern design to Nordic homes. Our clients value functionality, quality and sustainability through design. We know that good design is good business. Bringing hot design to cold climates.

In search of hot design


Hot design to cold climates! 

Nyheter og inspirasjon i møtet mellom den nye, spanske designscenen og våre norske rom.  

In search of hot design

Maria Hole

Flying back from visiting suppliers in Barcelona and Valencia, I had the pleasure of watching the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees, something that we don't automatically associate with Spain, but a great reminder to how diverse this country really is. 


Oh, and more to come about the brands. In time, names will be revealed and photos will be shown.