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Past & Future - Oslo Design Fair 2017

How does the past shape the future, and how does that impact design and interiors? This years theme of Oslo Design Fair has been a retro philosophical take on the deeper meaning of how we live and what objects we surround us with. 

All photos by  Inger Marie Grini  for  Oslo Design Fair . 

All photos by Inger Marie Grini for Oslo Design Fair

Representing Nanimarquina in the year of their 30th anniversary the new collection presented at the fair showed a mix between traditional techniques combined with fresh design - and the result; products meant to last through generations, rather than buying cheaper products and replacing them shortly due to either relevance of the design or poor quality. 

The beautiful exhibition called "Tendencies - Past/Future" curated by Norwegian stylists Kirsten Visdal and Per Olav Sølvberg also featured the simplistic rug "Mano 1993" (Hand) by graphic designer Chillida for Nanimarquina and the iconic harlequin patterned "Losanges" by the Bouroullec brothers for Nanimarquina in the scene titled "New Luxury". 

Chillida at Oslo Design Fair Nanimarquina

We choose more wisely the objects we surround us with and a carefully selected collection of unique art, high end furniture with a mix of functional and personal items are making their way in to our homes, slowly, because we are seeking more long lasting designs that shows our true identities through our homes - for our families, the environment and the future. 

The Noes stand with a selection of Spanish design represented - Treku modular furniture, ceramic mugs by Matimañana, terracotta Sponge Up lamps by Pott and rugs from Nanimarquina. 

The Noes stand with a selection of Spanish design represented - Treku modular furniture, ceramic mugs by Matimañana, terracotta Sponge Up lamps by Pott and rugs from Nanimarquina. 

Oslo Design Fair 2016 - The return of cozy

After several weeks of planning and intense days of setting up the stand at Oslo Design Fair we were ready to meet with the industry to present some of the best of the Spanish design scene under the collected name of the Noes agency, bringing "hot design to cold climates". 

The reception was awsome and as always - I am grateful and excited to work alongside so many talented people in an industry with such a good atmosphere. The report, however is a little delayed due to all the afterwork and follow up's from the fair. From the mind of a fresh business owner; much work is good work! Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by, for your feedback, for your cheers and for your orders. Hot design to cold climates! 

Here are links to some of the mentions and reviews from the fair. Big thank you for your visits!

A New Type of Imprint

Paradis Interiørarkitekter

2 at home 

Click on the gallery below to see more pictures from the stand. 

Oslo Design Fair

Today the Norwegian fair for gifts and interior at Lillestrøm launched their brand new name, and brand new direction.

What has been the largest Norwegian trade fair for years, is in the middle of a re-vamping process to take the position as a central ground for new design, as well as continuing to facilitate for brands to meet the buyers and vice versa. 

New name, new identity

The new name; Oslo Design Fair (ODF) is backed by a whole new visual identity and to communicate the craft and trade of design, ODF has engaged in a wide range of collaborations with some of the most renown writers, photographers, designers and stylists in the industry. 


In comparison to some of the design and furniture fairs of our neighbouring countries, there might be some more work to be done to be competitive for the biggest brands. For now, we salute the visions and the ways to get there, and look forward to seeing the next developments in the process. In the future we dream of ODF to be a meeting ground that also includes some of the international brands, side by side with young designers and Norwegian craftsmen. 

New Nordic tendencies

The trend zone exhibitions are especially curated to convey the new Nordic tendencies and apart from the "Norwegian Presence" -exhibition originally made for the '15 Milan Fair, a wide range of new and old designs were shown in displays beautifully composed by the renown design duo Kråkvik & d'Orazio. Their forecast for new nordic spaces includes lots of natural elements, handmade and imperfect products that show traces of a human touch. What is special about the north is the light - a lot of it in summer, and not enough in winter. -That's why we seek light through lighting and elements like mirrors and glass to reflect and make the most of the light that we have, Kråkvik says. 


Color wise, succulent greens reflect our love of nature and sober blues are brought out to balance the warmer tones of terracotta, ocre and cognac. In other words, the cool Nordic blue and the warm Spanish terracotta is right up there in the future too!